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Clinical Trial Services

Mosaic Laboratories offers clinical trial laboratory services for Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials. Mosaic supports clinical trials in the United States, Europe, Japan and other international locations. Mosaic Laboratories is licensed with the State of California and CLIA, and is CAP accredited. The clinical trial laboratory services include generation of results for retrospective analysis of biomarkers as well as prospective patient pre-screening. Mosaic Laboratories will design instructions for sample collection, handling and shipping that are customized to your trial. Specimen collection and shipping kits are in stock and can be customized to your trial. A Study Director is assigned to your study, has responsibility for the conduct of the testing and reporting, and serves as the primary point of contact. Our client services department is available to answer routine questions about sample receipt, shipping, kit supply and to contact the sites for any information that may have been omitted on specimen submittal forms.