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Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is used to evaluate the number of genes or chromosomes and identify gene translocations. FISH utilizes DNA probes labeled with fluorophores to bind to the chromosomal regions of interest. Identification of amplifications, deletions or gene translocations has been shown to relate to effective cancer chemotherapy and may provide information useful for diagnosis.

  • ALK, 2p23
  • AURKA, 20q13
  • CDKN2A, 9p21
  • BCL2, 18q21
  • BCL6, 3q27
  • EGFR, 7p12
  • Her2, 17q21.1
  • Her3, 12q13
  • c-Met, 7q31
  • MDM2, 12q15
  • PTEN, 10q23.3
  • PIK3CA, 3q26.32
  • ZNF217, 20q13.2 (adj. to Aurora A)