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Multiplex IHC and IF

Mosaic Laboratories offers multiplex brightfield immunohistochemistry and multiplex immunofluorescence assays to expand the power of your biomarker analyses. Multiplex immunohistochemistry has played a critical role in immuno-oncology therapy clinical trials to evaluate the density and nature of immune cells infiltration and the spatial distribution of cells. Performing multiplex immunohistochemistry has many potential benefits and applications in the field of drug target evaluation and patient screening, including:
1) Determination and quantification of immunoreactivity co-localization
2) Evaluation of spatial relationships between immunoreactive cell types
3) Signal transduction pathway activation studies
4) Reduction in tissue depletion
5) Decreased reagent utilization. Multiplex assays may be designed using multiplex chromogenic detection combined with multispectral imaging or immunofluorescence.

Assay List:

Custom Assay Development and Validation is Available upon Request