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Mosaic Laboratories is a leading provider of pre-clinical and clinical trial services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our mission is to provide unparalleled quality of analytical services, study design guidance, result interpretation and customer service in order to significantly impact the future of patient therapy.  We are currently working with over 150 pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including clients in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our laboratory service offerings include IHC, FISH, ISH, CTC isolation and characterization, chemosensitivity testing, tissue procurement, ELISA, mutation testing, cell expansion, and colony forming assays. Mosaic Laboratories was the first laboratory to develop methods for accurate multiplex chromogenic immunohistochemistry using multispectral imaging, and has developed software algorithms to support the multiplex data analysis.  We are a CLIA licensed and CAP accredited laboratory, and perform appropriate studies in compliance with the relevant portions of Good Laboratory and Good Clinical Practices.

Mosaic Laboratories was co-founded in 2005 by Lisa Dauffenbach and Chris Kerfoot, and has expanded through internally-generated positive cash flow.  Ms. Dauffenbach has demonstrated success in operations management, customer service programs, and has broad-based technical expertise in proteomic, transcriptomic and viable cell culture research methods. Ms. Dauffenbach has led high visibility private sector research in oncology drug characterization, theranostic immunohistochemistry, and clinical studies since completing her graduate studies at the University of Minnesota and Iowa State University.  Dr. Kerfoot received his doctorate in Experimental Pathology at UCLA, has directed numerous research and clinical trial studies, and been involved with the development of multiple companion diagnostic IHC assays.