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Preclinical & Research Services

Mosaic Laboratories provides pre-clinical services including animal model, human tissue and cell line testing services. A broad menu of immunohistochemistry assays is available for testing murine tissues, including evaluation of inflammatory cells, endothelia and changes in cell proliferation.  Our extensive assay portfolio can be applied to xenograft samples to evaluate changes in protein phosphorylation or other markers of drug activity.

Mosaic Laboratories has a collection of thousands of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded human cancer and normal tissues for evaluation and validation of tests such as immunohistochemistry, FISH and molecular assays.

Mosaic Laboratories receives fresh, viable cancer samples daily. These samples are a unique resource for in vitro drug testing as well as early discovery work.  Novel compounds can be tested for activity, synergy or cross-resistance. The effects of dosing schemes and drug sequence can be tested prior to clinical trials.  Pharmacodynamic biomarkers can be assessed in actual human samples.